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I’m sad to let one of my babies go but I am in a tight spot. I am selling my fem joker. Full tailored suit. silk shirt, vest, pants, and coat. I am 5”5 and the pants are a little long on me. i have two small darts in the pants that can be taken out. my bust is 37inches, hips 41 inches. The gloves are included, as well as the spat heels in a size 8 womens. I will include both wigs and the hair piece i hand made. there is even a little Harley in the the jacket pocket. I paid 300 for the suit, 40 for the shoes, and the 2 wigs and gloves and hair piece together was around 30. That’s 340, I have worn it once for a photo shoot. I know I won’t get as much as 340 but there is a lot of details put into it and it’s brand new I want a decent offer on it if you are interested. feel free to message me on here, or Email me at of you have questions


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You're fuckin rad as hell and I am like lookin up to you on your throne in Olympus like damn

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My most popular post has received a lot of arguments lately, so I figured I’d respond to the most common points people bring up.


Carrie Fisher on her costumes 

what supermodels wear in hell

 on Padme’s wardrobe 

to get a general gist of Queen Jamillia’s and Oola’s screen time, here are the scripts for Attack of the Clones (Jamillia is in 359 word scene) and Return of the Jedi (Oola is in scenes that add up to 275 words)

Star Wars Bechedel Test results  here